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> >  DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Dr.Jordan Peterson VS Skyler Turden!
> >  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfv_wlWMZnw
>       there you have peterson saying that  NSA 'social media' should be
>       treated as 'public utilities' AND at the same time denying that
>       he wants the governemnt to control free speech. peterson is truly
>       retarded. 

It was a trap question by Crowder, and when asked a second time
Peterson highlighted that it was actually a trap question and said
something like "look, you can make such a case, but that's not what
I'm actually saying", and he first highlighted how such a case could
be made by asking Crowder 'Alex Jones has been banned from YouTube,
and he used telephones, so should AT&T be allowed to ban Jones from
using telephones' which Crowder seemed stumped to answer, and so
Peterson filled in the obvious 'we can probably agree that Alex Jones
should not be allowed to be barred from using telephones, and so in
a similar way, a case could be made to regulate YouTube as a
telecommunications provider, although that's not what I'm saying...'

OK, now we've got the context (and thankfully the clarification),
feel free to have a proper shot at destroying Peterson's position
here - point is, Crowder backed down, implicitly agreeing that he'd
tried to trap Peterson into a position that Peterson does not hold.

Peterson said -multiple- times in that video that the corporations
can do what they want, and that when they choose to censor they are
making a really bad decision which one way or another they will pay
for - quite possibly by their collapse over a 10 year period.  THAT's
what Peterson said, multiple times!

>       and the guy who plays the part of left wing fascist answers that
>       NSA 'social media' should be left to the 'free market' (so he's a
>       capitalist like peterson!) and the 'free market' (twitterNSA,
>       jewtubeNSA etc) banned alex jones so all is good. In other words
>       peterson is retarded and gets fully pwned. 

It could have been better, but I don't share your conclusion -
Crowder did make the best attempt yet to take Peterson down a notch,
that I would agree with, but Peterson held his own remarkably well
for a "university professor".

>       29:49
>       oh and censorship can go wrong...look at CHINA! As always,
>       foreign subhumans fail to achieve the moral supremacy of western
>       jew-kristians...

By my take on listening to that part of it (yesterday) Peterson was
responding to Crowder by highlighting that 'perhaps you might want to
consider that censorship is not a good thing - here's a bone that
your thick head might comprehend, “censorship in China”'.

I love a good joust as much as the next guy, but it's not so useful
when what is said is taken out of context...

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