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> > > Notwithstanding Peterson's failings (he's a human, he certainly is
> > > not perfect, but who is?), his message (if it can be so reduced),
> > > evidenced by his popularity, is apparently (and I believe so)
> > > relevant to the zeitgeist of today, 
> > 
> >     of course it is, peterson is a christian right-wing fascist so
> >     his fascist 'message' is no doubt at the 'foundation' of western
> >     'civilization' 
> There are many, many parts to Peterson's conversation.

        false, there are just a bunch right wing talking points mixed with 
detanded nonsense about christianity and psychobabble. 

> You can say he's "making fascist Christianity great again",

        yep - nice slogan =) - although christianity has always been, and is 
the greatest cancer on the planet. Can't make it 'great' 'again'.

> that he's
> Christian, that he's an atheist, that's he's a right wing fascist, an
> apologist for the Jews, and that he's a left wing socialist (he is
> after all a professor groomed on the public purse).

        yep, of course as a rabid statist, peterson is a socialist as well. A 
point that 'conservatives' never seem to grasp. Poor souls never seem to 
understand what socialism is.

> And to some degree, all of these ad homs are correct - he IS human
> after all, and we humans are riddled with failings.

        Calling a spade a spare is an 'ad hom'? I don't think so. Look if I say 
stalin was a commie, I'm just stating a fact. Likewise with peterson. I'm 
stating the fact that he's a propagandist and intelectual fraud. 

        Too bad you keep promoting such a despicable fraud because at some 
point you are just an accomplice. 

> Ipso failing humans.
> However, there is much more to this particular conversation than just
> the negatives.

        false. Virtually everythign that scumbag says is right wing garbage. 

        And notice how if he followed his own advice such as "DONT LIE" he 
should shut up forever since everything he says is a lie. 

> Peterson is re-enlivening meaning - be it Buddhist Daoism, "Western"
> (Christian) theology and even, truth be, existential "scientific"
> atheism.
> Now THAT's a firetrucking feat!

        OK, too bad but you've been re-evaluated. I thought you were able to 
think for yourself - but you are clearly an echo chamber for peterson. 
Pathetic. And evil.

> Seriously, there's a gem in Peterson's talks for all, for example
> most recently:

        fuck you.

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