Hi Johnf, thanks for your reply. 

In my last message I completely messed up the indeces, so please it
ignore it, it will only confuse you here is the correct version.

Am Mittwoch, den 11.01.2017, 08:48 -0800 schrieb john:
> How did you create the UI form?  Did you use the class designer?
> Or did you manually create each of the controls - something like:
> dabo.ui.dTextBox(self, RegID="CaseID",Width=225, DataSource = 
> 'public.esenroll', DataField = 'caseno')

Well, I have chosen a third way. I manualy created a .cdxml-File
(without the class designer, since my Form is huge and I don't like what
it does to my .cdxml) that looks like this: (I stripped it down to the
essentials for readability)

        <dTextBox rowColPos="(1, 1)" DataField="sph_r"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(1, 2)" DataField="sph_l"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(2, 1)" DataField="cyl_r"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(2, 2)" DataField="cyl_l"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(3, 1)" DataField="ach_r"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(3, 2)" DataField="ach_l"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(4, 1)" DataField="add_r"></dTextBox>
        <dTextBox rowColPos="(4, 2)" DataField="add_l"></dTextBox>

This results in the TabOrder sph_r,sph_l,cyl_r,cyl_l,...
But I want sph_r,cyl_r,ach_r,...,sph_l,cyl_l,...

> Normally, the order or tab order is set to match top to bottom and left 
> to right within a panel (and of course a sizer can also influence the 
> order). 

Ok, maybe I can rearange my textfields and put all *_r fields in one
dSizer and *_l fields in a second one. - To bad I really liked the

>  There is one property 'TabStop' True or False that is available.

That I have found, but it is no use to me in my situation, since I want
TabStop but just a different order.

> That said, take a look at dDialog.py around line 365:
>          for pos, btn in enumerate(buttons[1:]):
>              btn.MoveAfterInTabOrder(buttons[pos-1])
> The above is used for the class->_addControls.
> Johnf
> On 01/11/2017 08:26 AM, Max Voß wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > is it possible to set a kind of tab-index in a dabo-Form?
> >
> > I have got a dPage-Object with a lot of dTextBoxes, dDropDownLists and
> > so on but they appear in a different order on the Page than I want to
> > step through them with the tabulator-key. The "tab-index" seems to
> > depend only on the position on the Page. At least I have not found a
> > corresponding property in the Object Inspector. Or did I just miss it?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for your anwsers,
> >
> > greetings Max
> >

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