> As far as NodeJS - well I like the fact that it is well supported by the 
> community - but so is Django.  I don't believe NodeJS's asynchronous I/O is 
> faster than Django when comes to serving data - at least not for small 
> websites.  So I wouldn't leave Django for NodeJS.

Django is good for many projects, and I guess I’ll continue using it for 
websites, since my workflow is comfortable enough.

But for "desktopy" web apps, where most of the coding is in JS on the Client UI 
anyway, Meteor/Angular/React seems to be the better framework. I’m still at the 
beginning of my node.js journey, but I hit too many blocks while trying to do 
my current project in Django. And using dabo, i.e. installing an app on every 
user’s computer, would be a promise for a support desaster.
I used dabo only ever as a convenient UI framework, never really needed the 
3-tier setup. I could stay on Python 2.7, but I found the availability of 
dabo’s documentation too unreliable.

Greetlings, Hraban
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