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yes, I have gdb.
It's possible a dt crash report is in /tmp, but nothing has a name that
would suggest it was from dt.
What typical naming would a dt crash report have?

darktable_bt_XXXXXX.txt with the X replaced by some random characters. Maybe your /tmp/ is getting wiped at reboot so the backtrace got lost? Or it wasn't
a real crash (I didn't see a SIGSEGV IIRC).

What you can do is running darktable from within gdb and when it crashes
copy&paste this to the console:

set pagination off
set logging file gdb.txt
set logging on
echo \n=========\n\n
info threads
echo \n=========\n
thread apply all bt full

Then send the gdb.txt file.

Thanks for that. I'll do all that shortly if necessary.
I have just been checking the the output from rpmbuild for a new build, and I see the following message...

-- Missing jsonschema, problems in noiseprofiles.json might go unnoticed

which may relate to my problems.
I have json-glib-devel installed, but can't find any reference to jsonschema in Fedora 26 repos.
Any thoughts on this?

Terry Duell
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