darktable 2.0.7 was announced today with this:
Base Support (fixes, was broken in 2.0.6, apologies for inconvenience)

Le 07/10/2016 à 15:00, Roman Lebedev a écrit :
As you may have seen, an issue with white level for some
nikon cameras (or so i thought) was discovered by me:

Web page says:

For that reason, many nikon cameras in cameras.xml had completely
arbitrary whitelevel specified,
which resulted in wrong image => either way too bright (if 12bit wl
was specified, and image is from 14bit-uncompressed)
or too dark and with purple highlights (if 14bit wl was specified, and
image is from 12bit-uncompressed)
or with just purple highlights (all other cases, e.g. "*-compressed").

Using a D5200 for 3 years, I would consider myself savvy enough to notice such a problem if it hit me (be careful about shoot-time exposure ( careful about in-camera histogram, sometimes expose to the right) and darktable-time exposure, choose basecurve or even disable when appropriate, use highlight reconstruction). I never saw purple highlights (unless highlight reconstruction was turned off or tweaked, which is normal then).
Now using darktable 2.0.3 on Xubuntu 16.04.

I haven't noticed anything, perhaps because my raws are always 14-bit (don't know if compressed or not), never 12-bit.


* Can someone provide a description and perhaps some examples of the symptoms to be checked?
* What should affected users do? What does it break?
* What if users have worked on photos in buggy versions? Should they e.g. shift exposure by 2EV or whatever?

Thank you for your attention.

Stéphane Gourichon

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