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> Am Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2017, 14:13:42 CET schrieb Jean-Luc Lacroix:
> > Hi all,
> Hi


> > The date displayed in the "Image Information" group is formated
> > MM/DD/YY, my pictures's date in the exif data is YYYY:MM:DD. This brings
> > a little confusion every time I want to read the date stamp in DT.
> Actually the format depends on your language settings. We have the format
> string "%a %x %X" which, according to strftime(3),  translates to:
> %a     The  abbreviated  name  of  the  day  of  the  week  according to
> the
> current locale.  (Calculated from tm_wday.)
> %x     The preferred date representation for the current locale without the
> time.
> %X     The preferred time representation for the current locale without the
> date.
> > My question, as you have guessed it by now, is there a way to change the
> > way DT shows the date.
> Currently that is not possible. I would be open to have that configurable
> in
> darktablerc (*) and use it throughout dt, let's see what the others say.

I would like that idea, because the "date/time" line is the only one
forcing me to make the panels quite wide. But that is due to the long
string my Lubuntu uses as standard, as I understand now. Most of the time I
only need the days, and not the time of day....

To be able to trim this down would be a nice feature.

> > Cheers,
> >
> > Jean-Luc
> Tobias
> (*) I wouldn't put it in prefs though.


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