I use to take pictures of paintings and other stuff in order to catalogue and archive them. I prepare a set and shoot five times for every item and five more with a color chart, keeping the aperture fixed and changing the time. Then, I look at all the images and look for the one with the correct exposure (after making a proper icc profile for the session following the amazing Elle Stone's methods). Once I have processed this one image, I intend to copy paste the history to the rest "with the same exposure time", and I have to navigate the lighttable with the mouse to select them among hundreds one by one.
Yes, the ability to collect them by exposure time would be great for me.
I dont' know if I am the only person who finds it useful. There are other criteria which I don't use, but I understand they might be useful for other people and, as you can choose, on the side of the camera, from "focal length", "ISO", "aperture" and "lens", I think that adding the option "exposure time" wouldn't be a crazy thing to consider. On the other hand, I may be wrong, but I think that adding this wouldn't be a nightmare for the developers (of course, I am not one of them and respect their job and their priorities: I'm sure there might be other much more important things).


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