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> Ubuntu will disable any 3rd party repositories at the start of a
> dist-upgrade. These are the steps to re-enable repositories using the GUI:
> 1) Click on the Software Updater icon (upper case A within a circlular
> double-headed arrow) and let it go through the update process.
> 2) Instead of closing the Software Updater after updating, click on
> Settings bottom left.
> 3) This will open a multi-tab window. Click on the Other Software tab.
> 4) You will see a list of checkboxes with the ppas beside them. Find
> Pascal's ppa and click on the checkbox to re-enable it. You probably do not
> want the source code ppa unless you are building dt yourself.
> 5) When you close the Software Updater, it will check for new updates
> using the newly enabled ppas.
> You should be back in action after doing this.

thank you so much. unfortunately I run Mint not ubuntu. so I am asking on
the mint list now!

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