Am Montag, 9. April 2018, 17:12:41 CEST schrieb Michael Staats:
> Hi
> After extracting the interesting information from the thread on
> Highlight Reconstruction, it is very clear to me that using DNG files
> created by LR are not camera raw files and should not be used.
> Especially not to compare LR with dt when using different inputs,
> actually...
> Fine.
> Now Pentax DSLRs have the option to save raw files as DNG or PEF. Well,
> I thought I'd use DNG, as it is more "standard", even if it's an Adobe
> standard.
> And so far I can't report any problems.
> But now I wonder if it makes a difference? Should I better switch my
> cameras to PEF (Pentax own raw format)? I think not, as I have read from
> other sources (can't remember where) that both formats will contain the
> same information.
> But I'm not sure any more.
> Any ideas?

Whenever a camera offers to write DNG files you should use that. DNG is an 
open standard and chances are much bigger that your files will be supported 
for a longer time in more programs. If your camera can't write DNG itself you 
should NOT convert your raw files to DNG after the fact, because the camera 
raw formats are not open, so the conversion step is most likely destroying 
some (meta) data.

> Best regards,
>       Michael


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