On dimanche 15 avril 2018 10:42:56 CEST Michael Staats wrote:
> Hi
> I'm on darktable 2.4.2 on xubuntu 16.04.
> I notice (for quite some versions now) that simply switching on the
> "shadows and highlighs" module has already an effect.
> What I learned from this list is, that simply switching on a module
> without modifying any of its parameters should not have an effect, in
> general. Exceptions would only occur if some "out-of-range" values in
> the image would have to be sanitized before/while piping the data
> through the new module. Am I right?
> My example image looks rather sane, e. g. the raw overexposed indicator
> shows nothing.
> Now I'm not actually complaining, simply switching on the module is
> already going in the direction I wanted to go anyway, so no real problem
> here.
> But I just wonder if that works as designed.
> Here's the sample:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktudwgz4aes4bh1/20180414-093306-MIST1616.DNG?dl=0
> Best regards,
>       Michael
As far as I know, switching on a module activates it with its *current* 
settings. Those will be the default settings when you haven't used that module 

 In some cases, those defaults are such that the module *appears* to do 
nothing. E.g. the default "crop and rotate" 'crops' at full size in camera 
aspect ratio. You can see this when running "darktable -d perf": activated 
modules are run, and take up processing time, even when they have no effect on 
the final image.

But in a lot of others, the defaults will already have an effect. 

Either because it's just not possible to have "no-effect settings" ("high 
pass", "monochrome"), and the settings only can modify the effect. 

Or it was thought nice to have some sensible defaults. "Highlight and shadows" 
is an example of this (and with 8 parameters, I'm glad it has those default 

Another is the "Whitebalance" module, you almost certainly don't want this one 
with "no-effect" settings when using RAW files... So the default is "camera 
white balance" which may appears to have no effect (the result corresponds more 
or less to what the embedded jpeg shows), but just switch it off...


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