Hey guys,

I'm beginning with Sinatra and using DataMapper as my ORM tool of choice. 
I've been doing great, playing with this today, but I'm now stuck. I'd like 
to add a custom method to one of my models, that would check some values of 
an instance, make some comparisons and return a boolean.

I tried the following :

class Day
    include DataMapper::Resource

    property :id, Serial
    property :day_number, Integer
    property :status, Integer, :default => 0
    property :date, Date
    def self.more_than_fifty?
        # Just for the sake of the example
        rand(1..100) > 50

But didn't work. I've seen one or two cryptic messages on Stack Overflow 
about DataMapper::Model.append_inclusions, but not enough for me to 
understand and get it working.
Anyone who could help me around here ? Thanks a lot for your time guys.


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