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On 05/04/2018, Nikhil VJ <> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,

Hi Nikhil,

> Go ahead, get officials on board (unless you're asking for someone who can
> do that too in which case I'll wait with you), get the data rolling in. The
> code will come. It will all start when a sample file(s) carrying the format
> is shared.

If somebody who has something of something similar with sample.

I have seen enough of the discussions of data with various wards etc.
on the ML that it is
difficult or impossible to imagine that something similar to what I
have proposed has not
been by people in Pune before for some other project.

As I shared before, if somebody even has a mockup we can use it to
meet mahemetro officials in the metro samvaad which are held

I have seen several people coming by themselves with suggestions,
plans, alternative plans sharing architecture work done earlier just
to show what they are capable with.

>From mahametro's perspective I think they would have some concerns as in :-

a. How much control would mahametro would have in sharing public and
private data ?

As a novice user of OSM, I believe this can be handled by having a
private instance of OSM bridging parts of public data layer with main
osm for public tiles. This should achieve the twin goals of openness
and transparency while maintaining secrecy concerning parts where
contractors need to have access and share data.

b. What sort of budget would be needed for such an undertaking and for
how long would the service would be given ?

This is where Devdatta would probably need to come up with some
figures or something. It  doesn't need to be gratis as the data would
need to be constantly updated and also has to be maintained for number
of years. OSM changes, database changes and even people who would
access to data or not would need to be factored in.

If the nagpur team would want to take the maintenance work then the
charges for training them etc.

They do have a full-time web-developer team in nagpur but I dunno
about how much they know about free software, better public practices
with open data and so on and so forth.

> And speaking of bus project.. small announcement coming soon :)

Looking forward to that announcement, that will be a great day for
people like me who specifically use public buses when it suits me for
safety purposes :)

Probably a good idea to meet and discuss about it might be fossmeet 2018 .

I probably will come in tomorrow full day

and probably will attend the later part of the day on Sunday .

I have been to quite a few metro samvaad's in the past and people
generally give their proposals with budgets etc. at the end of the
metro samvaad to Mr. Dixit and team and have discussions with his

If somebody can do the work,  we just need to ask the project team for
some time and probably convince them this is a better way then
probably some other competing product.

I am sure both you and Devdatta could share his expertise on this.

Lastly, Nikhil and Devdatta, my cell number is the same . 91-976-333-0874

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> Cheers,
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