Hi Don and all,

Yes Don, it was a pity that we never got a Windows version of DP as it is still 
the best database package I’ve ever come across.  We did give it a good try 
through the DP Cooperative, but it just wasn’t meant to happen.

I started using DP in about 1983/4 when it was still SSI Data and for several 
years I ran it under DOS, Concurrent CP/M and Multiuser CP/M.  The great 
advantage of using Multiuser CP/M was that I was able to offer remote support 
to my DP customers as early as 1988 and that proved to be a very good selling 
point.  In those days my DP applications were mostly for local government 
departments and for real estate agents;  I only got rid of my last DP customer 
in 2010 even though my business had migrated from IT to employment and 
disability work from about 1996.  I have so many wonderful memories of our 
online discussions about DP via CompuServe and then via direct emails.  Those 
were great times.  I did meet up with Ralph Alvy a couple of times when he came 
over here to the UK.



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