Thanks Luca. I have been looking at tests also.

For CompositionManifold, if

H = CompositionManifold(F, G)


H_pullback = F_pullback * G_pullback

H_pushforward = G_pushforward * F_pushforward

I think adding this to documentation will improve the description.

Also this line

dim1 The dimension of the first ChartManifold
which coincides also with the chart dimension of the second ChartManifold

does not seem to be correct in my case

       static const PolarManifold<2,3> sphere;
       static const FunctionManifold<3,3,3> rotate("x;-z;y","x;z;-y");
       static const CompositionManifold<2,3,3,3,2,3> rotated_sphere(sphere,

dimension of first manifold (sphere) = 2

but this is not equal to

chart dimension of second manifold (rotate) = 3 ???


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