Dear All,
I want to apply non-zero neumann boundary condition on the curved domain of 
half of the circle. The way that I define my geometry, the boundary id and 
apply the Neumann B.C is written as follow:

*Defining boundary id for different sections of domain (half_hyper_ball):*

        const double tol_boundary = 1e-12
for (typename Triangulation<dim> ::active_cell_iterator
cell!=triangulation.end(); ++cell)
for (unsigned int face=0; face<GeometryInfo<dim>::faces_per_cell; ++face)
if (cell->face(face)->at_boundary() == true)
   const Point<dim> face_center = cell->face(face)->center();
                  - radius) < tol_boundary)
              cell->face(face)->set_boundary_id (2); // faces on the outer 
curved edge of the domain...
    cell->face(face)->set_boundary_id (1);

*// Implying the mechanical boundary value to the curved surface of the 
domain that appears on the right hand side *

    for (unsigned int face=0; face<GeometryInfo<dim>::faces_per_cell; 
      if (cell->face(face)->at_boundary() == true
          && cell->face(face)->boundary_id() == 2)
        scratch.fe_face_values_ref.reinit(cell, face);
        for (unsigned int f_q_point=0; f_q_point<n_q_points_f; ++f_q_point)
      const double eta_orderM = 
      for (unsigned int i=0; i<dofs_per_cell; ++i)
        const unsigned int i_group =fe.system_to_base_index(i).first.first;
        if (i_group == u_dof)
      const Tensor<1, dim> neumann_value = eta_orderM * 
      const unsigned int component_i = 
      const double JxW = scratch.fe_face_values_ref.JxW(f_q_point);
      data.cell_rhs(i) += neumann_value[component_i] * 
scratch.fe_face_values_ref.shape_value(i, f_q_point) * JxW;
It would be very kind of you if you let me know whether this definition for 
the Neumann boundary condition on the curved side of my domain is true or 

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