You should test your code step by step, figuring out exactly where the 
error occurs. And then propose a technical and accurate question here.
Time is expensive, and the developers offer their kind help to us, then we 
should respect their time and help.

在 2016年12月2日星期五 UTC+8上午7:25:32,benhour....@gmail.com写道:
> Dear Jean,
> I know that this website is not the code reviewer. I want to apply Neumann 
> boundary condition on the curved side of my domain. It should be note that 
> the domain is symmetry. I have considered half of a circle. It would be 
> very kind of you if you let me know whether it is applied correctly because 
> I think something is wrong when I run my code and my domain completely 
> distorted. I am doubtful about how I applied the boundary condition. For 
> the horizontal axis, I have considered the zero displacement along y-axis 
> because of symmetry. Is it correct? Should I fix the center of the circle 
> as well? How Can I do that? In other words, How can I fix one point 
> (vertex) in 2-D? Looking forward to hearing from you. 
> On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 3:54:44 PM UTC-6, Jean-Paul Pelteret 
> wrote:
>> Dear Benhour,
>> As I explained to someone else 
>> <!searchin/dealii/Two$20points$3A%7Csort:date/dealii/azGWeZrIgR0/JErt9A9hAwAJ>
>> the day before yesterday, the point of this forum is not to provide a code 
>> review service without you having done due diligence on your side. Does 
>> this not work as expected? If this is the case, then how is the problem 
>> manifesting itself? Unless you have a specific issue pertaining to the code 
>> that you have posted then I'm afraid that there's no discussion to be had 
>> here.
>> Regards,
>> Jean-Paul

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