Dear Deal.ii users,
                                Hi! I am working on the deal.ii code. I 
have data of stress and strain tensors at quadrature points. Currently 
using the results_output function, I am transferring the data at nodal 
points of my triangulation using " qpoint_to_dof_matrix.vmult " function 
and mapping "local_history_strain_values_at_qpoints[i][j]" Gauss point 
values on the "history_strain_field[i][j]" tensor with 
"dg_cell->set_dof_values" function. After this I write this nodal values 
data "history_strain_field[i][j]" as .pvtu and .vtu files for Paraview.

My question is that along with this, can I also export the stress and 
strain tensors data of quadrature points i.e. 
"local_history_strain_values_at_qpoints[i][j]" directly to the output file 
(.pvtu or .vtu etc.) i.e. without mapping or averaging etc. on the node. In 
this way I want to directly visualize the quadrature point values of stress 
and strain in Paraview.

*My current simplified code is following:*

FE_DGQ<dim> history_fe (1);
    DoFHandler<dim> history_dof_handler (triangulation);
    history_dof_handler.distribute_dofs (history_fe);

std::vector< std::vector< Vector<double> > >
    history_strain_field (dim, std::vector< Vector<double> >(dim)),
                         local_history_strain_values_at_qpoints (dim, 
std::vector< Vector<double> >(dim)),
                         local_history_strain_fe_values (dim, std::vector< 
Vector<double> >(dim));


for (unsigned int q=0; q<quadrature_formula.size(); ++q)
for (unsigned int i=0; i<dim; i++)
                for (unsigned int j=i; j<dim; j++)
local_history_strain_values_at_qpoints[i][j](q) = 

} }

for (unsigned int i=0; i<dim; i++)
            for (unsigned int j=i; j<dim; j++)

qpoint_to_dof_matrix.vmult (local_history_strain_fe_values[i][j],


DataOut<dim>  data_out;
              data_out.attach_dof_handler (history_dof_handler);

              //for strain
              data_out.add_data_vector (history_strain_field[0][0], 
              data_out.add_data_vector (history_strain_field[1][1], 
              data_out.add_data_vector (history_strain_field[0][1], 

data_out.build_patches ();

              const std::string filename_base_strain = ("strain-" + 

              const std::string filename =
                          (output_dir + filename_base_strain + "-"
Utilities::int_to_string(triangulation.locally_owned_subdomain(), 4));

              std::ofstream output_vtu((filename + ".vtu").c_str());

              pcout << output_dir + filename_base_strain << ".pvtu" << 

              if (this_mpi_process == 0)
                  std::vector<std::string> filenames;
                                for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 
n_mpi_processes; ++i)
filenames.push_back(filename_base_strain + "-" +
Utilities::int_to_string(i, 4) +

pvtu_master_output((output_dir + filename_base_strain + ".pvtu").c_str());
data_out.write_pvtu_record(pvtu_master_output, filenames);

visit_master_output((output_dir + filename_base_strain + ".visit").c_str());
data_out.write_pvtu_record(visit_master_output, filenames);


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