Holger Levsen dijo [Wed, Feb 03, 2016 at 10:01:47AM +0100]:
> so far only 6 people have voted in this dudle poll - so if you haven't please 
> vote now.
> That said, I'm a bit unsure about the timing, as I think such a meeting needs 
> at least 7 days warning in advance, which already invalidates some available 
> dates from that poll and will invalidate more every day noone calls for a 
> meeting.
> So far, February 17th looks like a date I would pick.

One more person voted. And yes, time is passing by quickly. And
whatever we choose, only the Committee has voted — we have not heard a
word from either the Prague or the Montreal groups.

So I'll push this forward, as somebody needs to do it. Given that:

- No date yields seven positive votes, or six positive and one
  abstention at least (Thu18 is either bad for Holger or for Neil, and
  besides that day, Didier's schedule is incompatible with Moray's,
  and Holger's is unknown)

- I agree with the "no less than 7 days warning" that Holger mentions

- The meeting is not supposed to be long, but a scheme limited to 1hr
  can be less than ideal (as Neil cannot attend Thursday >19:30)

The meeting shall take plae on Wednesday 17, 18:30.

People from both bidding teams, *please confirm* you can attend at
that time. If you cannot, please state if you can attend 1hr later
(19:30). If that's not doable, come up with a second-best proposal
based on the Dudle.

Of course, both bidding teams: Please do confirm whether you are still
running :)

So, see you next week!

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