Hi Mike,

On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 04:40:38AM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> > In a second round we could later change the behaviour of Depends.  I
> > agree that technically that's a weak solution but should work if
> > somebody intends to reproduce older packages since we would fail to
> > reproduce older packages from older Git commits.  However, I do not
> > consider this a strong argument over burning developer time with
> > implementing and testing a more complex versioning + format system.
> I have now pushed several commits for debian-blends. Unfortunately, they
> stack on each other and earlier code gets reworked by later commits. Never
> push before you are done with full testing... Well.
> Nonetheless, the current status of blends-dev is:
>  1. it now fully suppors two modes "nodepends=true" (aka -D) and
>     "nodepends=false (aka without -D)
>  2. the "nodepends=true mode is the default
>   => this means, all blends packages can stay as they are!!!!!
>   => no need to depromote packages in task files from Depends: to Recommends:
>  3. I fully reworked the control file generation for nodepends=false
>   => this closes #825172, make sure to include that in debian/changelog
>  4. the nodepends=false mode can be enabled in the blends package's Makefile
>     by setting GENCONTROL_DEPENDS = true
>   => see  
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-edu/debian-edu.git/commit/?id=621a2498bdc6127cc57c4ecfcad158300d9dfa0f
>      for an example
>  5. if nodepends=false (i.e. Depends become Depends), then also packages
>     are checked now for availability in unstable and depromoted to Suggests:
> if missing
> Hope this works well for everyone, feedback welcome!

I've did a s/^Depends:/Recommends/ debian-med:tasks/* and the code works
nicely.  So I decided to upload the new blends-dev.

Thanks a lot for working on this.  Obviously I turned a bit demotivated
in adding new features to what worked for me perfectly.  Fresh blood
really helps to add new features.

Many thanks, your contribution is very well received



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