Petter Reinholdtsen <> writes:
> [Ole Streicher]
>> Sorry, I don't see the big problem here: The first step is anyway just
>> to extend blends-dev to accept "Recommends" aside of "Depends", which
>> should be simply enough. Then, the only disagreement is that I propose
>> to have a required Format: line in the tasks header; this should be
>> trivial enough as well (as long as we agree on the URL itself).
>> This additional line even works if the URL is not valid yet -- but gives
>> us some additional pressure to create an up-do-date format description
>> (which is IMO not the worst thing).
> I guess what Andreas really is wondering about is who is going to do the
> work, not how hard it would be. :) I agree that it sound fairly easy to
> do, but it is unlikely that I will find time to do it myself any time
> soon. :(

I would volunteer to implement the Format: switch in blends-dev (with an
error on the wrong format). However, not this week. I am on vacation.

> What about something like
> 'Format:' instead?  Or
> perhaps version '0 is the old moving target, and version '1' is the
> first one we document?

Perfectly fine with me. I just made a random proposal  to get this
started :-)



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