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> Hi,
> While preparing some slides for my “News from the Debian Installer” talk
> at DebConf17, it occured to me that we might want to reconsider the
> default here:
>     Guided - use a whole disk
>     Guided - use a whole disk with LVM
>     Guided - use a whole disk with encrypted LVM
>     Manual
> Current default is the first entry, and I think we should switch to
> second one, with LVM.
> If the user doesn't need to touch anything, that doesn't change much; if
> the user wants to change partitioning afterwards, LVM's flexibility is
> available.
> Is anyone aware of any drawbacks of switching to LVM by default?

It makes it harder to share partitions with other operating systems in a
dual boot setup, particularly a fat32 partition with windows is
problematic, so nothing that matters.

Actually in all seriousness, other than the dual boot issue doing a guided
partitioning then changing things like deleting a partition is not well
supported by the installer. It is seldom a problem for me these days as I
preseed everything.

> KiBi.

Ben Hildred
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