Hi - I hope I'm in the right place; feel free to redirect me.

I want to install on a KVM-based VPS, using an ordinary installer (ie
not using the image provided).

I used the provider's method to provide an ISO, and supplied the
standard amd64 netinst image - it boots fine, but can't find the 'cdrom'
afterwards. They suggest the netinst image doesn't have the drivers for
the KVM virtual cdrom - does that sound right? Are there alternative
images that would?

As an alternative, when I install on my own KVM server, I use
virt-install, and provide it with the url of the installer, and from
then on it proceeds without needing a CD or other local media. Is there
a way I can boot that on the remote VPS? Perhaps from grub, or from a
minimal ISO?

Any other suggestions?


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