Package: task-kde-desktop
Version: 3.69+rebuild

The expected default browser by a large number of KDE users on Debian is
firefox-esr (as is the default on all other Debian desktops listed in the
installer). Although changing the default browser is trivial, a more sane
(as in modern) default would be appreciated by many users.

There are multiple ways this could be done, such as:
1. Setting the BrowserApplication to firefox-esr variable in
2. Modifying dependencies so that Konqueror is not installed by default
(OOTB apt configuration with recommends enabled) when the user selects the
KDE Desktop Task in the installer
3. Adding a .kde/share/config/kdeglobals file to /etc/skel with the
BrowserApplication variable set to firefox-esr

The first option will likely be the most efficient, as it does not require
changing the default packages installed with the KDE Plasma task and
setting a global variable that can be overriden at the user level is a
cleaner option than simply adding a file to /etc/skel

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