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On Thu, Apr 20, 2023 at 12:45:17PM +0800, Licheng Hsu wrote:
>> Thanks, it does. It seems there's a problem with video setup and it's
>> not starting X. What options do you have under Display?
>There're 4 options to choose from "Graphics Controller" in VirtualBox.
>They're VBoxVGA, VMSVGA, VBoxSVGA, and None. VirtualBox suggests
>VMSVGA, but they all don't work.


>> If you start with "Install" rather than "Graphical Install" then that
>> should work for now.
>I have tried "Install", even "Expert install" in "Advanced
>options...", but still doesn't work. They all end with blank gray
>screen just as the videos I attached show.

Argh. I've no idea what's going on here... :-(

>"Graphical rescue mode" or "Rescure mode" in "Advanced options..."
>doesn't work, neither.
>By the way, thanks for your hard work.

You're welcome!

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