On 17/07/2023 at 17:45, Christof B. wrote:
Am 15.07.23 um 22:57 schrieb Pascal Hambourg:
Replacing /lib/partman/init.d/50efi with either attached 50efi.1 or
50efi.2 as 50efi should fix the issue in guided partitioning with
encrypted LVM.

I tried each of them and they both solved my problem. /boot and /boot/efi were on the same (and correct) disk. The installed system was bootable :-)

Fixing the issue in guided partitioning with unencrypted LVM also
requires replacing /bin/autopartition-lvm with the attached

I could reproduce the same issue with unencrypted LVM (#1034812) on my machine with my stock installer image.

Like above, replacing 50efi by 50efi.1 plus the other file in /bin made the installation work alright. The system was bootable afterwards.

Thanks a lot for the quick fixes!

Thanks for testing. Should #1034812 and #1041168 be merged ?

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