Arnaud Rebillout <> writes:

> Tentative fix, for what it's worth:

The original code there seems a bit tangled, and the need to check for
efivarfs in two places seemed suboptimal, so here's an attempt to
improve on it, including making the displayed error less misleading:

[ It didn't seem worth distinguishing between the mkdir or the mount
  failing on-screen, so I've just logged that instead, and having done
  that, since there would only be one call to die() and I'd need to pass
  extra parameters for the error substutions, I just got rid of die() and
  put the code inline instead. ]

To see what that looks like, I temporarily disabled the efivarfs test:

then one gets to see this error:


However, I am now wondering whether we might not be better off using
`archdetect` to see if we're on an efi system, and then make the attempt
to call mountvirtfs for the efivarfs conditional on that.

Cheers, Phil.
Philip Hands --

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