On Thursday 05 October 2006 18:06, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 05 October 2006 16:29, Agustin Martin wrote:
> > But of course there is no such rationale if you are at the first
> > installation along with dictionaries-common and your system is not
> > broken.
> I've been meaning to provide more information (like logs from package
> installation) on this and a specific, reproducible test case, but have
> not found the time to do so.
> I'll try to do this and will send you the info when I do.

Looks like I've been an idiot.
I normally install in English, but with country selected as Netherlands. 
As no en_NL locale exists, this results in an en_US locale and the system 
is completely set up for English.

However, that does mean that I have:
(And not country=US...)

If I _do_ select US, I do indeed get iamerican as default after 

So the issue is not that the logic is wrong, the issue that it is 
incomplete for my case: you cannot base the correct dictionary on 
language + country only.
In the case where the country does not help to make a decision, it would 
be nice to also try to use the country part of the locale, which at that 
time is available in (/target)/etc/default/locale:
Is that feasible as a wishlist request?

What still confuses me is why I no longer see the questions being asked. I 
_know_ that I would get them a lot and that I would first be asked only 
en_GB and after that en_GB+en_US for ispell.
Maybe that has to do with the fact that (either or both):
- d-i (no longer?) propagates the priority set for the installation to
  the target system;
- the default priority for debconf was changed from "medium" to "high".

I can come close by installing for en/NL and forcing debconf/priority to 
"medium" for the chroot, but then I get the question for both dicts at 
the beginning (config script) and not for each dict separately 
(postinst). And I am *200% sure* I used to get that, even until recently.

Anyway, I give up trying to reproduce that. If you could look at the 
wishlist I formulated above, that would be really great and sorry for the 
time this has cost everybody. At least we've now gotten a lot of 
testing :-/

Cheers and thanks for bearing with me/us,

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