Quoting Pirate Praveen (2016-09-18 04:56:56)
> (if this should go to debootstrap, then please reassign)

this should not go to debootstrap. The way the chroot is created has no
influence on the variables that are exported during the package build.

> Many packages now expect a UTF-8 locale and we have to manually specify
> LC_ALL=C.UTF-8. I think it is better to make C.UTF-8 as the default locale
> for chroots to avoid fixing so many packages.

sbuild is still the wrong place to fix this.

Even if sbuild would set a locale, packages would *still* have to manually set
if if they would otherwise FTBFS or be unreproducible. The only effect you
would then achieve would be that you would hide that there is a problem for
everybody using sbuild.

The right location to fix this for many packages is either dpkg or debhelper.
And even fixing it there will not make the change propagate to *all* packages
but only to those that choose to use the facilities provided by either.

Remember that our packaging system does not mandate a single package builder
like dpkg-buildpackage. So the right place to fix this bug is not in the tools
that build the package but in the libraries that maintainers might use in their
debian/rules files.

So all you can do is to make it easier for maintainers to export the locale,
for example by talking to dpkg or debhelper people. But you cannot fix one
place and have it affect all package builds at once.

So you might want to re-think your idea and re-assign this bug as appropriate.
I suggest you try dpkg next.


cheers, josch

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