On Sunday 18 September 2016 08:17 PM, Guillem Jover wrote:
> [ Please remember to CC something like <package>@packages.debian.org
>   when reassigning otherwise the new maintainers only see a control
>   reply w/o context, thanks. ]

Sorry, will do it from next time.

> The request is not very clear, so let me try to run it down. If it
> is about binary packages, then that cannot be done, please refer to
> policy ยง9.9.
> I'm assuming, though, that this is related to source packages and
> building them? In that case as josch has mentioned package cannot
> assume that anything will set up their environment as they should
> (still) support being called simply as debian/rules, which is the
> only defined entry point.

It about providing a UTF-8 locale as default in build environment.

> In addition C.UTF-8 locales provided by default were a Debianism not
> until recently, and even now might be a glibc-ism. So not something
> that even dpkg-buildpackage might be able to rely on, given that it
> is being used beyond glibc and Debian.
> If a (binary/source) package requires the current locale to be UTF-8
> then it should set it itself. Even debootstrap might be able to set a
> default, but that does not mean the user might not modify it later on.

Usually the problem is only in build chroots, most users already have a
UTF-8 locale.

> So as things stand now I don't think this can be fixed centrally, and
> I'm in principle planning on closing this report in a bit if no
> clarifications or compelling arguments are put forwards.

Most tools (even languages like python allows variable names in UTF-8)
now supports UTF-8 and many are adding support. It is only natural to
change defaults when situations change. I think doing it centrally is
the best thing to do.

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