>>>>> "Johannes" == Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org> writes:

    Johannes> Do you know a situation when it would be beneficial to let
    Johannes> sbuild create the source package *again* after it has
    Johannes> already been produced for sbuild?

Sbuild can take a directory as input.
I tend to use it in that way for CI-driven builds from git repositories.
Sometimes I want source uploads, sometimes I want a binary upload.
(In this case I ended up wanting a source upload because of another bug
in mini-buildd, although in other cases I'd just want a source upload).
As an example, I might want to run
gbp buildpackage --git-export-dir=somewhere --git-builder=sbuild
--source --no-arch-any --no-arch-all
to prepare an upload to debian (after testing my tree some other way).
Does sbuild add that much in that situation?
No, but it sure doesn't hurt, and consistency is nice.

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