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Markus Wanner:
> Control: tags -1 +confirmed
> Control: found -1 1.18.0+dfsg1
> Hello Alex,
> On 08/10/2017 10:32 AM, Alex Riesen wrote:
>> just trying to run the commands below (with or without RUST_BACKTRACE) causes
>> rustc to panic. The removal of the directory was originally not intentional,
>> so a crash for such harmless command was a bit of surprise.
> thanks for your bug report, I can confirm this issue even with the
> current version of rustc (in sid).
> Note that with a current nightly (rustc 1.21.0-nightly (cbbe17aa7
> 2017-08-07)) obtained via rustup, I instead get the following error:
> error: couldn't find value of CARGO_HOME
> info: caused by: No such file or directory (os error 2)

Hi all, thanks for the bug report and confirmation.

I'd be very surprised if this was a Debian-specific problem, therefore I 
encourage you to file this issue upstream here:

More people are looking at that than this Debian bugs page, and I need to spend 
my own time wisely to deal with other parts of the rust Debian packaging, and 
am unlikely to be able to deal with this one properly. Sorry about that.


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