Jeremy Bicha:
> Hi,

Hi Jeremy,

I am sorry to hear that debhelper is causing you issues.

> I just wanted to point out that Ubuntu uses autopkgtests to check
> uploads before allowing them into the regular development repository.
> This bug is causing a very large number of autopkgtests to fail, which
> is disrupting Ubuntu development work. Generally, anything outputted
> to stderr will fail the autopkgtest.
>> [...]
> Could you not emit that warning to stderr especially since I see only
> one package using compat 11 now?

Sorry, but that argument is not enough to convince me that removing the
warning in Debian is a good solution.

 * dh-acc is relying on a broken implementation detail that is being
   phased out.  I would expect a warning in such situations.

 * At compat 11 this behaviour becomes an error, so it would ruin the
   point of the warning if we "wait" until compat 11.

 * The change to dh-acc is literally a 3-line change and would solve
   this issue as well (the process described in my original mail).  This
   change is compatible with all supported versions of debhelper.

Again, I understand your frustration, but I think the proper fix is at
the level where it would be faster to deploy than further discussion,
very trivial to do and with plenty of test cases.


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