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>Sorry, but that argument is not enough to convince me that removing the
>warning in Debian is a good solution.

I agree, specially because the documentation was correct, and it worked
just because of a bug in implementation
>Again, I understand your frustration, but I think the proper fix is at
>the level where it would be faster to deploy than further discussion,
>very trivial to do and with plenty of test cases.

I'm attaching the patch I did try to craft some minutes ago, but in the 
I think bumping severity to RC is something needed, because even if not (yet) 
by policy, breaking autopkgtests in such a way is source of troubles.
(and maybe the package now is just completely broken, not just autopkgtests)

(I'm still not a perl man, I'm not sure I did it correctly, and moreover I had 
in doing the string concatenation)


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