Alright, I have fully rebuilt the copyright file. I also ended up adding the source code for several releases of C-BIOS into the packaging. As this code is in the form of zipped files for the sake of size, it's not exactly practical to provide the new source package changes as a debdiff since debdiffs don't communicate binary file changes very well. So here's a .tar.gz of the new source package tree, detach-signed with my GPG key. (I put it on GitHub since Gmail didn't want to let me send the package as a file attachment.)

(You probably will notice some superfluous-file-pattern warnings from Lintian when you build this - I do not understand why these are occurring as the file patterns it's griping about are *not* superfluous and don't appear to be overridden by any later statements in the copyright file. I suspect a Lintian bug here.)

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