2016-10-14 7:36 GMT+02:00 Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org>:
> don't know if our current sbuild backporter Luca (in CC) would be willing to
> write such a patch, especially considering that
>  - it is a feature of sbuild since version 0.67.0 (I corrected the wiki page
>    accordingly) to *not* require signing of the internal dummy repository (and
>    thus you don't need to run sbuild-update --keygen anymore) and that
>  - the next stable release is not far away.

Indeed, I think it's pointless to write a patch given that we no
longer suggest to sign the internal repository, and also that explains
why I didn't notice this issue since in order to build the sbuild
backport I used the very same version found in unstable/testing,
installed on a machine running stable where my Deb-o-Matic farm is
running on :-)


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