>>>>> "Wookey" == Wookey  <woo...@wookware.org> writes:

    >> That is, I disagree with you that I need to address the question
    >> of htags and figure out whether htags users are being impacted.
    >> That might have been true for one release.  But over a longer
    >> time frame, the really strong presumption is that we prefer a
    >> version that is being actively developed to one that isn't.  That
    >> if people won't step forward and maintain htags, it goes awy.

    Wookey> Just to be clear, you are confusing 'htags' and
    Wookey> 'htmake/htconfig' (I was too when this started). htags is
    Wookey> still here, works fine, and is not going away, as Punit
    Wookey> explained. The thing that is likely to go away is
    Wookey> 'centralised htags browsing using system webserver' which is
    Wookey> what Ron's htmake and htconfig provided.

No, I'm not:-)
Ron claimed or at least I read him as claiming that htags was not very
useful without system web browsing.
I've said that I'm not commenting on the technical issues, so since I
was talking to Ron, I took that claim as a postulate.
You've disagreed with that claim elsewhere in the thread.
While I do have an opinion, I was not intending to inject it.

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