These are a great start for discussion; I think every single one of them
is worth discussing, and probably deserves a BoF in its own right.

On Sat, 18 Jul 2020, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> No design work
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> One of the constraints that the TC has to deal with is that we can't
> do any design work, it can only choose between options already
> presented to it. A consequence here is that even when we have a group
> of experienced individuals from different areas of Debian that can
> maybe come up with great ideas to solve a problem, we can't really put
> those ideas to work, as we can't do design work. Several times it has
> happened that a discussion that was interesting in nature had to be
> stopped because we were falling into the trap of doing design work.

What if the TC still didn't do design work, but instead suggested ideas
and working groups (optionally including TC members) to come up with
solutions and implementations of those solutions?

Alternatively, the TC could issue an opinion about what parameters an
ideal solution/implementation would have, and once implementation exist,
empower the winning implementation to be implemented.

> Also, related to this is the fact that the TC has the power to make
> technical decisions that developers then need to implement, without
> being involved in either the design or the implementation of those
> decisions. This can be seen by some developers as too much power with
> too little responsibility.

This is the difficult balance; at the end of the day, the TC can only
empower someone (potentially TC member(s)) to do the implementation. 

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