Le Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 01:37:10PM -0700, Sean Whitton a écrit :
> **Proposal 3**: Modify the Constitution to allow the TC to do design
> work in the form of proposals. These proposals wouldn't override
> developers or tell individual maintainers what to do, but rather should
> guide the project towards a technical goal.

Hi Sean and everybody,

to some extent, the TC can already do some design work.  For instance,
in the past I wanted to describe the FreeDesktop menu entries in the
Policy, got in conflict with another Policy maintainer on that topic,
and the final result was the TC ruling about the Debian menu, which is
something I never asked for.

I think that your proposal is an excellent idea that would give a
clearar separation between design work and conflict resolution.

Have a nice day,


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