On Thu, 19 Nov 2020 at 21:04:00 -0800, Elana Hashman wrote:
> It would be much appreciated if Michael Biebl or another maintainer from
> the Utopia team could add some context here.

Most of the people in the pkg-utopia team are not active contributors to
most of its packages, so I don't think soliciting comment from members of
the pkg-utopia team is necessarily going to be particularly enlightening.
Looking at the Uploaders and commit history, Michael is very much the
primary maintainer of NetworkManager and its adjacent packages.

I am technically a member of that team myself, but I don't feel that I
can comment on Michael's decisions or the reasons for them, and the one
time I contributed a patch to NM, I behaved the same way I would have
done for an entirely unrelated package. The "utopia" name is a relic of
the team's origins in packaging "Project Utopia", a loose umbrella for
projects aiming to improve device management and hotplugging in Linux
generally and GNOME specifically, most of which were subsequently
superseded (in particular HAL, the central Project Utopia package,
which was replaced by udev improvements for the lower-level parts and
multiple more-focused higher-level projects like upower, udisks and
arguably parts of systemd for the higher-level parts).

If the utopia team didn't already exist and a team was needed for what it
maintains, it would probably be the freedesktop team (which also exists,
with a significant overlap in membership).


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