❦ 15 décembre 2020 11:14 GMT, Mark Hindley:

>> Okay, great, I now see a clearer argument in favour of dropping the init
>> script: enabling the maintainer to preemptively avoid dealing with bugs
>> which are likely to generate hostility, rather than just the idea that
>> there could be bugs which would generate a lot of technical work for the
>> maintainer in which the maintainer does not see much value.
> I am afraid I don't agree with this.
> Hostility is never justified or justifiable and none of us should ever have 
> to be
> subject to it or tolerate it.  However, using the avoidance of putative poor
> behaviour by others in the future as a justification for a current or past 
> action
> seems a weak argument to me. IMO, the best way to promote the ideals of
> tolerance, courtesy, humility and openness is by espousing them in one's 
> actions
> and by doing the right thing.

Poor behaviour happened in the past. Almost nothing (literally) is
needed to trigger a flamewar around an initscript.

Don't stop with your first draft.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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