Dear committee members,

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6pm UTC.
Apologies have been received from Matthew Vernon.

Many thanks to Matthew V. for stepping in to chair our most recent

Here is our agenda:

- Jitsi: recruitment

- Moratorium on moving files into /usr

  With an aim of keeping the focus on what the TC might do in an
  official capacity, the question before us is whether we need to
  officially extend our morotorium into trixie.  Note that the RT's
  morotorium already extends, which takes away some urgency.

  My understanding of the -devel thread as of today is that

  + Helmut is actively leading the planning and design work,
  + the goal of setting something up such that the morotorium can be
    lifted is still on the table, but
  + we don't yet know that it can be done.  Discussion continues.

  So, actually, I don't think we need to discuss this topic this month.
  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

- Any other business

Minutes of previous meeting:

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