Jonathan Kamens <> writes:

> 2. Download a bazel binary from
> and make it
>    executable in your search path

This is going to be the biggest obstacle in the way of any proper fix for
this bug.

All Debian packages in main must be built with tools that are already
packaged in Debian main.  This is a hard requirement that we will not
change under any circumstances; it goes to the heart of what Debian is and
what it means to be a distribution.  Bazel is *incredibly* difficult to
support in Debian because it is a massive Java and C++ application with a
bunch of other dependencies and complex bootstrapping requirements.  I see
there are some Bazel packages now in the archive, but I don't believe
they're a complete Bazel system.  The work was being coordinated at but it looks like it may have stalled
based on the last commit times.

It sounds from your summary like packaging Selenium Manager will first
require packaging Bazel, which I believe has been attempted before without
complete success, or rewriting the upstream build system to not use Bazel.
I believe this is also blocking inclusion of tensorflow in Debian
(although there may be some forward progress there by using CMake instead
of Bazel), so you are not alone in wanting this, but also if it were
striaghtforward we would have done it already.

If it's possible to build Selenium Manager directly with Cargo, that may
bypass this part of the problem and would make the problem more tractable,
but that would presumably require some research since it sounds like
that's not what upstream is recommending.  (And someone would still need
to ensure that any Rust crates it depends on are packaged.)

None of this is a problem created by the maintainer and overriding the
maintainer will not help.  Someone will have to do this work, and it is
very far from trivial.

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