On April 16, 2018 7:10:34 AM UTC, Ansgar Burchardt <ans...@debian.org> wrote:
>Scott Kitterman writes:
>> Personally, I think people should be more annoyed at the people doing
>> the hijacking than the one they did it to.
>I thought this is called "salvage" now?
>There might have been some miscommunications, but given an acceptable
>alternative is just requesting the removal of a package with open RC
>bugs that hasn't been uploaded for a time, isn't just salvaging the
>package by adding oneself as a maintainer better?
>And if this is the preferred outcome, shouldn't the salvaging be
>"easier" than just requesting removal (which is just one bug report

I'd think an attempt to contact the maintainer first would be a prerequisite to 
it potentially being salvage and not a hijack.

Perhaps they attempted and failed and it was only miscommunication, but neither 
of them have spoken up yet, so we don't know.

Scott K

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