On 2018-04-16 10:11, Boyuan Yang wrote:
I would suggest we exclude NMUs from "No uploads for > 365 days" requirement.

The person who want to salvage the package probably should also wait for two weeks after initial public contact, then send another public email, wait for another two weeks, send another public notification email before doing actual salvaging efforts (moving packaging repo, uploading packages, etc). Idea copied from QA/MIA process (https://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/MIATeam).

I know that I am someone who also lacks time quite often. But still, this kills a lot of velocity and I wonder how many people will be motivated enough to follow up through a whole month of waiting. On the other hand if that gives you a blanket "it's now yours, do with it as you see fit, including taking over ownership", maybe that's not so bad.

(There's of course also the question of VAC notices to crawl, though. If someone went away for a longer period of time with an intent to come back, it should be fair game to fix the package and own related breakage but obviously not to just hijack it away from the original maintainer.)

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