Thomas Schmitt, on dim. 18 juin 2017 11:07:36 +0200, wrote:
> http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports-cd/hurd-i386/debian-hurd-2017/debian-hurd-2017-i386-NETINST-1.iso
> i see a quite insane MBR partition table:

That's not surprising by nowadays' """ISO""" image standard: they are
both valid as CD image, usb stick image, etc.

> One should ask the provider of grub_embed whether it is intentional to
> have a MBR signature in bytes 510 and 511 and to have the cleartext word
> "Floppy" in the range where the MBR is supposed to expose its partition
> table.

Ask grub people then :)

> although the menu switches by every press of an arrow key from dark purple
> with horizontal and vertical roll-over to grey cyan with correct geometry.

Again, a grub issue :)


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