Thomas Schmitt, on mar. 20 juin 2017 00:05:01 +0200, wrote:
> > Ask grub people then :)
> I would need to know how the MBR and the subsequent data blocks
> are produced.

The build log is available on

xorriso is version 1.3.2

> > > although the menu switches by every press of an arrow key from dark purple
> > > with horizontal and vertical roll-over to grey cyan with correct geometry.
> > Again, a grub issue :)
> Do you see the same effects in your tests ?

Yes. And also with linux/kfreebsd images.

> (And why is your /boot/grub/grub_eltorito not needy of xorrisofs
>  option --grub2-boot-info ?)

I haven't looked into all these so I don't know, I'm just using what
happens to be there in the Debian scripts.


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