For the Frets on Fire arcade game which we are packaging I have found an
original artist willing to licence his works under the MIT licence. Four
of the five songs are completely original works; the fifth, however,
whilst being an original composition is inspired by another song. The
email I have from the artist is below; I think that probably this counts
as a derivative work, and hence would need permission from the original
author, but I am not sure.

Obviously debian-legal are not lawyers, but I would appreciate your
opinions. I could just leave it out to be on the safe side, I could
leave it in, hope that the ftp-masters accept it and hope that nothing
comes of it or I could try and get an opinion from someone like SPI.

What do you think is the best way to proceed?


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Subject: Sectoid´s Frets on Fire Song Pack

Hello Matt, I´ve added the file "License.txt" with que MIT license
agreement, and put the license text in the comments of the .ogg files too.

I think I´ve well done, if I forget something or I´ve done it wrong please
tell me (I´m newbie in license stuff).

Well, here is the link:

I have a little question: The song "Ryu´s theme" is a heavy metal version of
the Ryu´s Song in the famous videogame Street Fighter 2, the song is
completely made by me, but it´s a version of another, I don´t know if there
is a problem with this.

I suppose you need my name or email to put somewhere in the credits, I give
you information about me if you need it.

Name : Carlos Viola Iborra
Musician´s Nickname : Sectoid
Nacionality : Spain
E-mail: (this) [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks a lot, I´m waiting your reply.


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Matthew Johnson

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