Wesley J. Landaker writes:

> On Saturday 12 May 2007 16:01:25 Francesco Poli wrote:
>> You may not impose any further restrictions with respect to the *rights
>> granted by the GPL*.  But there are already such restrictions, and you
>> cannot remove them because you are not the copyright holder.
>> Hence you cannot comply with the license and the work is
>> undistributable.
> A licensee can't, but the copyright holder can. Their license is NOT the 
> GPL, but GPL + exceptions & restrictions. That is perfectly valid, just not 
> GPL compatible. The exception they have adds extra freedom, and I believe 
> the one restriction they add is DFSG-free.

The text of the GPL is copyrighted.  To the best of my knowledge, the
FSF is like most of the free software community in generally
discouraging the creation such derivative licenses.  In any case, the
copyright owner for this software really should talk to the FSF about
getting permission to use the text of the GPL in a "GPL+limitations"
type of license.

Michael Poole

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