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MJ Ray schrieb:
> Patrick Matthäi <pmatth...@debian.org> wrote:
>> GeoIP is a quite usefull library for geolocation.
>> It has got a stable ABI/API and upstream is normaly very helpfull with
>> patches and issues.
> [...]
>> Currently I see only three options:
>> 1) upstream decides to open his build system
>> 2) we move it to contrib with all consequences
>> 3) we leave it as it is
> 4) we deduce the build system by looking at the CSVs and how the
> library uses the binary dat files, then junk the upstream-built
> dat files.  I've no idea if this is feasible, but it's another
> option.

This is also an option, I have got one serious semi ACK for reverse
engenierng it, but it is also on my list of "last choices".

> It seems a shame if an upstream wants a library removed from the
> debian operating system and uses data files to achieve that, but
> shouldn't we respect that for now?

It is unacceptable for Debian and many other distributions.
It is in my eyes also unacceptable for the business model of maxmind,
because there *will* be less customers for their commercial database
version if distributions/authors drop GeoIP support, because it is non-free.

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